An Unrivaled Ranch and Hunting Experience

The Buck Horn Ranch spans 1200 acres of Texas Hill Country. Designed for executive hunts and corporate retreats it is one of the most game rich hunting ranches in Texas. Our 11,000 square foot lodge, first-class hunting blinds, midday activities assure your hunt is one you will always remember.

Pricing below for all-inclusive hunts at Buck Horn Ranch include 5-star lodging, gourmet meals, beverages, one-on-one guides, gun range use, trophy bass fishing and more…

Whitetail Deer Hunting Fees

Whitetail Deer Hunt all-inclusive price:

Whitetail Doe  $850.00
Whitetail 129″ or below  $5,000.00
Whitetail 130″-139″  $5,000.00
Whitetail 140″-149″  $5,000.00
Whitetail 150″-159″  $7,000.00
Whitetail 160″-169″ $7,000.00
Whitetail 170″-179″  $8,500.00
Whitetail 180″-189″  $8,500.00
Whitetail 190″-199″ $11,500.00
Whitetail 200″-210″  $11,500.00
Whitetail 211″-220″  $13,500.00
Whitetail 221″-229″  $13,500.00
Whitetail 230″-239″  $13,500.00
Whitetail 240″-249″  $13,500.00
Whitetail 250″-259″  $15,500.00
Whitetail 260″-269″  $15,500.00
Whitetail 270″-279″  $15,500.00
Whitetail 280″-289″  $15,500.00
Whitetail 290″-299″  $15,500.00
Whitetail 300″-309″  $17,500.00
Whitetail 310″-319″  $17,500.00
Whitetail 320″-329″  $17,500.00
Whitetail 330″-339″  $17,500.00
Whitetail 340″-349″  $17,500.00
Whitetail 350″-359″  $22,500.00
Whitetail 360″-369″  $22,500.00
Whitetail 370″-379″  $22,500.00
Whitetail 380″-389″  $25,000.00
Whitetail 390″-399″  $25,000.00
Whitetail 400″-409″  $25,000.00
Whitetail 410″-419″  $27,500.00
Super Trophy Harvested Whitetail Deer Hunting

Exotic Hunt all-inclusive price

Mouflon Ram  $5,500.00
Addax up to 34″  $7,500.00
Addax Trophy 35″ plus  $9,000.00
Axis Buck  $6,000.00
Axis Doe  $1,000.00
Zebra  $11,000.00
Black Buck 15″-26″  $5,000.00
Black Buck Trophy 27″ or larger  $5,400.00
Black Buck Doe  $1,000.00
Oryx  $7,500.00
Texas Dahl Ram up to 38″  $4,500.00
Texas Dahl Ram 38″ plus  $5,500.00
Black Hawaiian Ram up to 38″  $4,500.00
Black Hawaiian Ram 38″ plus  $5,500.00
Corsican Ram up to 38″  $4,500.00
Corsican Ram 38″ plus  $5,500.00
Red Stag Bull Up to 275″  $7,000.00
Red Stag Bull up to 279″  $9,000.00
Red Stag Bull 280″-360″  $10,000.00
Red Stag Bull 361″-399″  $15,000.00
Red Stag Bull 400″-440″  $21,000.00
Red Stag Bull 441″-460″  $27,000.00
Red Stag Bull 461″-499″  $33,000.00
Red Stag Bull 500″ plus  Request
Red Stag Hind  $2,250.00
Fallow  $5,000.00
Fallow Trophy  $9,000.00
Aoudad up to 31″  $5,500.00
Aoudad Trophy 31″ higher  $6,000.00
Sables  $28,000.00
Impala $7,500.00
Nyala $16,000.00
Black Wildebeest $24,000.00
Hog $1,500
Kudu Call For Pricing
Bison Call For Pricing
Blue Wildebeest Call For Pricing
Blesbok Call For Pricing
Notes Minimum spend of $5,000 for all inclusive hunting packages. Contact us about day hunt rates and availability
Blackbuck Hunts in Texas
Axis Deer Hunting

Add On Hunts

To purchase a add on hunt you must purchase an all-inclusive hunt and hunter shoot a add on animal for the price listed below.

Black Buck Doe: $1000

Axis Doe: $1000

Whitetail Doe: $850

Fishing trip: $225 per person (2-person minimum – Rods are provided at no charge)

Duck Hunt: $365 per person

Texas Trophy Hog Hunting


  • Non-hunting guests are $325/day. If you do not harvest an animal you only owe $475 per day for lodging.
  • Non-hunting guests ages 4-15 are $135 per night for lodging.
  • Payment Schedules: A deposit of 50% of the total fee is required to secure your reservation. Trophy fees will be paid prior to departure. The balance of package is due prior to departure if you kill or wound your trophy. Any animal hit by a bullet or arrow is considered a kill. Every reasonable attempt will be made to recover a wounded animal.
  • Refund Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. If Customer finds someone to take their place on a trip, penalties may not apply. In the event you decide to cancel a trip they will have the option to transfer the deposit to a future available date in the following season; or we will work with you to try to re-book the trip with another party.  If we are able to rebook the trip, a 15% (of the total value of the trip) cancellation penalty will apply.
  • Hunting Tags: MLD 3 Buck and Doe tags are furnished for whitetails
  • Rifle to use:  Smallest caliber of rifle allowed for hunting is a .243
  • Check in and out: Check-in is 1 PM the first day of your trip and check-out is 12 PM the last day.
  • Mandatory rifle shoot in: Please arrive no later than 1:30 PM to sight your gun in and prepare for the evening’s hunt.
  • Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete hunter education and have copy with them during their hunt.

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